• 2010/08 Set “Free Charging Station” in Kaohsiung International Airport.
  • 2009 / 05 Issue the first securable issuance of domestic convertible bonds.
  • 2008 / 01 IPOCapital increased to NT$214,183,000 added from NT$200,600,000 of profit and NT$13,583,000 of cash.
  • 2007 / Huizhou subsidiary completion.Developed the solar charging control system and charger series.
  • 2006 / Capital increased to NT$177,000,000 added from NT$19,508,000 of profit and NT$9,592,000 of cash.
  • 2005 / 10 Invest Huizhou Fuel Electronics Tech.Co.,LtdListing in the Republic of China,the Foundation Center for Emerging Market counters.
  • 2005 / 07 Capital increased to NT$147,900,000 added from NT$18,000,000 of profit and NT$49,900,000 of cash.
  • 2004 / 07 Capital increased to NT$80,000,000 added from NT$11,050,000 of profit and NT$18,950,000 of cash.
  • 2003 / Capital increased to NT$50,000,000.Acquired the JET certification from Japan for the environmental safety of factory.
  • 2002 / Won the “Outstanding Enterprise” Golden Model Award from the local government.Capital increased to NT$41,800,000.
    Awarded multi- US patents.
  • 2001 / Capital increased to NT$30,000,000.2000 / Won the “Customer Satisfaction” Golden Quality Award from 21 Century Economy Trading Development Association of the R.O.C.
    Capital increased to NT$20,000,000.
  • 1999 / Received the 2nd Asia-Pacific Trans-Century ”Outstanding Enterprise” Golden Rim Award.Received the ISO 9001 factory certification.
    Received the “UL” certification from USA for mobile phone chargers.
    Capital increased to NT$8,000,000.
  • 1993 / 04 Samya was founded with an initial capital of NT$5,000,000.