ODM/OEM All-in-one Service

Product Development

Samya Tech. provide the all-in-one OEM/ODM integration service. Including innovative product design (ID design), mechanical design, electronic circuit space evaluation and lay out. We own the strength of self-development of the mold including product validation and integrity testing, specifications, copywriting production specification, providing customers with a full range of integrated services.

Manufacturing  Management

Mature logistics management system that can grasp the prospective costs, introducing automated production machines, continuous expansion of production efficiency, improve product yield and reduce production costs.

Quality Management

In order to ensure product quality, Samya Tech. insisted from the beginning to the development of every stage of production are lean implementation of quality inspection, for each of the products for QA, QC departments for quality education and training. To effectively control the product quality in order to ensure best quality strengths.

Safety Certification

Product safety is the most important part of electrical products, each charging products Cheung Technology are through layers of safety certification and safety tests. In addition to the protection of consumer safety, Samya Tech. efforts in the development of low efficiency of the products, reduce the loss of electricity, care earth environment!

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  • Mechanism

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