Short-term Development Plan

Marketing Strategy

Strive for well-known manufacturer OEM / ODM orders, setting up overseas marketing offices to gain direct control pathway.
Expansion of Europe and the United States share, build customer and the company’s trust, support and customer design products into the market.
Strengthen their own brands to build access roads, to enhance market share.

Production and Procurement Strategy

Additional automated production equipment, improve productivity and production efficiency, effectively shorten production lead times and material delivery, in order to determine the accuracy of company shipments to meet customer needs in order to meet market demand, competition level.

Control the quality and cost of key materials, establish a good relationship with suppliers to achieve a stable supply of goods.

Make full use of outsourcing processing, and reduce production costs and increase competitiveness.

R & D strategy

Introducing, cultivating professional R & D to develop key technologies and new products. R & D team.

To raise the existing level of product and application levels, improved process capability and quality products.

Long-term development plan

Marketing Strategy

With foreign sales outlets in shipping warehouse is set to improve local customer service and the company a competitive advantage.
In response to industry trends, search for niche markets and products, and to avoid over-concentration of a particular product and the market economy by the impact of existing products.

Production and Procurement Strategy

Build a global logistics management system, strengthen the production base at home and abroad, to achieve industrial economy of scale of production.
Domestic and foreign products and manufacturing techniques to master the development trend, actively planning the expansion of production capacity, improve product yields, to reduce costs.

R & D Strategy

Market demand-driven, and continuously towards diversified design; and to reduce energy consumption in line with the world standard for design direction.
With outstanding technical capability to develop high value-added products, to upgrade the industry’s competitiveness.

OEM Service Strategies

Many makers are beginning the process of the brand and the OEM can not be separated, when their own development to a certain degree of maturity will consider separately, the company’s current strategy is to brand the opportunity to establish access to foundry, and then by the OEM enhancement opportunities to develop the brand.

A solid foundation first, deep plowing techniques, the use of OEM opportunity to minimize costs, upgrade to the highest quality requirements, will produce the technology to the most sophisticated level of play, so that a solid foundation for foundry operations, as the future, backed by brand.

Progressive development of the brand promotion, as long as the quality insists on not discounted to time in exchange for space in the market will get good word of mouth, it is necessary to maintain a good brand you have to have a strong manufacturing and R & D when the backing, it will first would be a good foundation to take root.

Brand strategy is the development of the secondary market as a starting point, such as Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, the Soviet Union and other countries, if the development of fast-growing brand, the future will be considered separately from OEM and brand, then a comprehensive expansion.